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Medela Battery Pack for Pump In Style Breast Pumps

Medela Battery Pack for Pump In Style Breast Pumps

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Medela Battery Pack for Pump In Style Breast Pumps

For 9-Volt Pump In Style Breast Pumps. Compatible with Pump in Style with MaxFlow and Pump in Style Advanced 9 Volt breast pumps only.

The Pump in Style Battery Pack is designed for use with your Pump in Style breast pump from Medela and is compatible with all 9-volt Pump in Style breast pumps manufactured in January 2008 and thereafter. This pack lets you pump anywhere, anytime, and eliminates the need for an electrical outlet or to plug your breast pump in first. As an authentic Medela spare part, the Pump in Style battery pack is engineered, tested, and approved to work specifically with your Medela breast pump. Inauthentic or counterfeit spare parts can vary significantly in terms of design, materials used, and overall workmanship, all of which may adversely affect the performance of your breast pump.

Uses 8 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries (not included). This provides up to 2 hours of pumping time, with no need to locate an outlet or plug your breast pump in first! The carrying case fits seamlessly inside your breast pump bag, or can be attached to your breast pump bag’s strap for easy mobility and convenient transportation.

Note that the battery container identification of 12V is referencing total voltage of 8 AA batteries (DC). The reference to use with the 9V breast pump is in reference to the pump using the 9V Transformer (AC). What’s Included: (1) Battery pack; (1) Padded case


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